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Peptide fluorescent labeling

Peptides can be tagged with various fluorescent dyes at various positions. Fluorescent labeling of peptides can be used for microscopy, FACS, in-vivo fluorescent imaging…

FRET peptides

FRET peptides are used to study the binding of peptides to proteins (1), conformational change of peptides (2), protease activity (3), measurement of the molecular proximity (4).

FRET fluorophore/quencher pairs examples:

Abz / Dnp (λexc=320nm, λem=420nm) FRET peptide applications - Smart Bioscience
EDANS / Dabcyl (λexc= 340nm, λem= 490nm)
Mca / Dnp (λexc= 325nm, λem= 492n)
Trp / Dnp (λexc= 280nm, λem= 360nm)
FAM / Dabcyl (λex= 492nm, λem= 517nm)
TAMRA / BHQ3 (λex= 543 nm, λem= 572 nm)

Localization studies

A peptide that targets another protein can be fluorescently labeled in order to detect the expression of the ligand or to localize/co-localization it in a tissue by confocal microscopy for instance.

Fluorescent peptide labeling Smart Bioscience

Cell-penetration peptide assessment

The fluorescent labeling of peptides is also used to detect the cell penetration of a given peptide by microscopy. sb-PEPTIDE offers to conjugate your peptides to a fluorescent CPP of your choice among TAT, Maurocalcine, penetratin…

Fluorescent peptides for FACS

Fluorescent peptides can also be useful as fluorescent probes to measure the proliferation of cell population in FACS which express a ligand of interest.

Biodistribution studies

Peptides can be fluorescently tagged to evaluate their biodistribution in-vivo during the pre-clinical development.

Available dyes

sb-PEPTIDE offers a wide range of fluorescent labeling options to answer your needs.

FAM: FITC derivative
TAMRA: Rhodamine derivative
ATTO dyes
Alexa dyes
Smart Bioscience fluorescent peptides
Various positions can be labeled: N-ter, side chain of specific lysines…