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Peptide ordering guide

Eight aspects to consider when ordering a peptide



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measurementsTo ensure accurate measurements, make sure that quantities of peptides are given as net weight rather than gross weight generally stated by regular suppliers.


Peptides are routinely delivered with TFA salts, which could be toxic for in vivo and in cellulo solutionapplications. It is therefore desirable to switch to acetate or HCl salt form of peptide.


Compare analytical methods used to assess peptides. Purity should be determined on HPLC apuritynalytical system using columns with 4 µm resolution or below.


solubilityPrefer solubility to be physically tested rather than theoretically.


storeAsk for several aliquots to prevent losing peptide material when initially facing a difficulty in solubilizing the peptide. The ultimate way to ensure stability of peptides is to have them stored under inert gaz.


aliquoteIt is recommanded to store lyophilized peptides at -20°C. The shelf-life of peptides in solution is very limited. Peptides that undergo multiple freeze-thaw cycles are susceptible to degradation.


express synthesisChoose the appropriate delivery service to deal with research deadlines and make sure that peptides are delivered with a certificate of analysis that attest the quality of the products in compliance to the requested specifications.