Fmoc You !®

You probably met us during a scientific conference and discovered our famous Fmoc-You slogan wink  We are very happy to see you back. Our goodies are can now be purchased from everywhere with your personnal or professional account. It is ideal to make a gift to chemists around you. Just contact us with your selection. We accept credit cards.

Stickers 75x75mm « I love peptide », 3€/unit or 18€/10 units:

fmoc-you peptide synthesis

Stickers 75x75mm « Fmoc You », 3€/unit or 18€/10 units:

fmoc-you custom peptide

Stickers 75x75mm « Fmoc You I a peptide », 3€/unit or 18€/10 units:

fmoc-you I am an amine

Tee shirt S, M, L « Fmoc you », 24€/unit:

Tee shirt fmoc you

Shipping fees:

Stickers: 2€ in Europe, 4€ in the rest of the world

Tee-Shirts: 12€ in Europe, 25€ in USA

Fmoc You !

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