Peptide production method development

Large scale peptide production (hundreds to multi-kilograms quantities) requires the development of each step of the process to optimise it and make it robust for entering into routine production. sb-PEPTIDE offers its service to develop each steps of the process, including synthesis, purification and analytical controls. With a strong expertise in the development of method for complex peptide production, sb-PEPTIDE can help finding the best approach for producing a peptide by reducing costs and reaching desired quality. Gaining only few percents in yield can allow reducing signicantly costs.

Peptide production methode development

With a deep expertise in peptide chemistry and analysis, sb-PEPTIDE has the capability to understand the nature of impurities generated during production and knowledges on how to reduce their generation, improving significantly the production yield. See also Peptide impurity profiling section.

sb-PEPTIDE method development service is especially adapted to complex peptide (long sequences, modified sequences) production where the need to improve production yield and robutness is mandatory.

sb-PEPTIDE has a dual expertise in deep R&D peptide chemistry and peptide industrial production. By consequent the company can handle some large scale productions or ensure the transfer of the process to clients or subcontractors whom are not always in capabilities to improve methods.