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Peptide decontamination guidelines

How to clean equipments contaminated with peptides?

Cleaning is a critical step to avoid contamination and non-intentional contact with peptides. To decontaminate proteins and fats, the solution is to use enzymatic detergent. Enzymes are well suited for cleaning chemistries thanks to their ability to speed up reactions and their ability to cut off biological substrate like a pair of scissors.

SB-PEPTIDE offers SBCleaner, a potent enzymatic detergent for peptide decontamination. After handling the peptide, SB-PEPTIDE recommends to use SBCleaner at 1% (m/v) in order to remove proteins on labware and equipment. SBCleaner may be poured directly on bench tops for instance but also used to soak contaminated material and for critical peptide, SBCleaner may be used in ultrasonic cleaner. To complete the cleaning, SB-PEPTIDE recommends to use a solution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) at 6% and to rinse thoroughly for the last step.