SBCleaner: decontamination solution for peptides

SBCleaner is a potent decontamination solution for peptides used for cleaning labware and equipment contaminated with proteins and fats by scrubbing, soaking or ultrasonic cleaner. SBCleaner contains enzymes which help to remove proteins. Enzymes are well suited for cleaning chemistries thanks to their ability to speed up reactions and their ability to cut off biological substrate like a pair of scissors.

SBCleaner peptide decontamination solution

SBCleaner is a concentrated powdered enzymatic detergent which is free-rinsing, prevents corrosion and can be disposed easily. SBCleaner is safe on most surfaces including glass, plastic and most metals. However, SBCleaner is not recommended for use with machine because the solution will foam.


SBCleaner is useful to decontaminate equipments in contact with peptides:
– Labware
– Instruments
– Endoscopes
– Medical devices
– Process equipment
– Food and dairy surfaces
– Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filters


Add 250mL of water to have a concentration at 1% (m/v). For critical applications use deionized or distilled water. Rinse thoroughly after use.


Technical specification

 SBCleaner decontamination solution Amount : 2,5g
SBCleaner - enzymatic detergent delivery format Delivery format : powder in wide-mouth bottles of 250mL
SBCleaner - decontamination guidelines Peptide Decontamination Guidelines



Product catalog Size Price € HT Price $ HT
SB085 2.5 g 28 34