Available options

SB-PEPTIDE offers various options to best fit any requierements. Available options are listed below.

10 days express service

SB-PEPTIDE offers an express peptide synthesis service for urgent needs. The objective of this service is to ship peptides within 10 days (French business days, for PO received before noon). An additional fee is required and if we can not meet this objective, we will not charge the option fee.

Contact us to check the eligibility of your peptides. Express service can be adapted to the specifity of the project. More information on express peptide synthesis service here.

10 days express service - available options

TFA removal service and TFA quantification

Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) is used during the synthesis process and peptides are delivered as TFA salt in routine. The presence of TFA depends on the sequences, it usually between 10% to 20%. TFA is a strong acid which can affect the accuracy and reproducibility of in cellulo and in vivo studies due to toxicity. For in-cellulo and in-vivo assay it is generally recommended to exchange TFA by acetate which is biocompatible. SB-PEPTIDE can manage this salt exchange and deliver peptide with <1% TFA. Quantity of TFA is determined by Ionic chromatography. Acetate can also be quantified optionally. More information on TFA removal service here.

RAW data

Every peptides are delivered with a certificate of analysys including standard HPLC and MS report. If raw data are needed, please ask for the option. Basic fee is 5€ per report.

Endotoxin-free peptide

Peptides are chemically synthesized and purified by HPLC. Level of endotoxin is by consequence very low. Nevertheless endotoxins can be introduced by the environnement. For critical in-vivo experiment it is recommended to remove eventual endotoxins. SB-PEPTIDE offers a removal endotoxin service including LAL assay verification and apyrogen storage.

AAA quantification – NPC determination

Peptides are routinely quantified by weight or when possible by optical density measurement. These approaches are sufficient for most of applications but do not give the exact amount of peptide material. For a better quantification, SB-PEPTIDE can perform an amino acid analysis which will provide with the exact amount of peptide material and additionally it will allows to determine the Net Peptide Content (amount of peptide material versus salts and water).

MS/MS sequence verification

Peptides are routinely controlled by HPLC for purity determination and MS (mass spectrometry) for sequence integrity. MS gives the molecular weight of the peptide which is highly accurate but do not confirm the sequence in the absolute. Sequence verification can be ultimately verified by MS/MS sequencing. This sequencing can also be performed on peptides not produced by SB-PEPTIDE.

More information on peptide MS/MS sequencing here.

Other quality controls available

Customized aliquoting

Peptides are usually delivered lyophilized in 2mL microtube polypropylen and up to 10 aliquotes per peptides are included. SB-PEPTIDE can adapt aliquoting to your needs by delivering more than 10 tubes, by using glass vials, by delivering peptides in solution on dry ice… Feel free to share your preferences.

Customized solubility test

Solubility test is perfomed for each peptide in basic conditions which are water, acid solution, basic solution or acetonitrile. Customized solubility tes can also be performed in other conditions such as DMSO, saline buffer or other upon request. Please contact us to discuss it. More information about peptide solubility here.

Available peptide modifications

Peptide conjugation to carrier proteins (KLH/BSA/OVA…)
Isotope labeling (13C / 15N) – MetOx – phosphorylation – CAM
Fluorescent labeling (TAMRA, Cy, FAM/FITC, ATTO…)
Biotin, desthiobiotin, maleimide, his-tag
Linkers: PEGs, 020c…
Photo-crosslinker: diazirines
Cyclization: disulfide bridges, head-to-tail, beta-lactam, clips…
Incorporation of modified AA such as: Dap, Nle, nitro-try, Lys-acetyl…


Contact us to discuss about your project and available options.