Custom peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) synthesis service

SB-PEPTIDE is offering a peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) custom synthesis service. Peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) are artificially synthesized polymers which mimic DNA or RNA. PNA can hybridize with both DNA and RNA sequences to form PNA/DNA and PNA/RNA structures.

PNA custom synthesis

Individual custom PNA synthesis

Standard sizes for custom PNA synthesis are 20 nmol, 50 nmol, 100 nmol and 200 nmol. Bulk quantities are available upon requests. Standard purity rate is 90%. A wide range of PNA modifications are available including:

  • PNA-CPP: Conjugation to CPPs (cell penetrating peptide)
  • PNA-DNA/RNA: Conjugation to DNA/RNA
  • Fluorescent-PNA: Conjugation to a wide range of fluorescent dyes (fluorescein, rhodamine, cyanines…) at one extremity
  • Biotinylated-PNA: Conjugation of biotin at one extrimity
  • Alkyne/azide-PNA: incorporation of alkyne or azide function at one extremity
  • Other: upon request

PNA library synthesis

SB-PEPTIDE can produce libraries of hundreds of customized PNA in parallel. Modifications are aslo available with this service. Look at our Peptide Library Synthesis webpage for more details.

Express PNA custom synthesis

A unique 12 days express synthesis service is available for custom PNA synthesis !

Quality controls

SB-PEPTIDE synthetic PNA are strictly controlled by LCMS and delivered with a certificate of analysis including LC and MS report as well as solubility conditions.

PNA quote request

PNAs Sequence : custom
PNAs synthesis Production scale : 20 nmol, 50 nmol, 100 nmol, 200 nmol, bulk
PNAs synthesis purity Purity : > 90%
turnaround time

Turnaround time :

Standard: 4-5 weeks

Express: 12 days

tfa removal purification Options : modified PNAs, PNAs conjugated to CPPs/DNA/Fluorophore, library synthesis
Peptide nucleic acids synthesis service price Price : Ask for your quote
PNAs synthesis Counter-Ion : TFA Salts
Peptide nucleic acids synthesis Delivery format : Freeze dried in propylene 2 mL microtubes
peptide solubility guidelines Peptide Solubility Guideline