Peptide Solubility Testing

Peptide solubility testing is an mandatory step in drug development. By definition, the solubility of a substance is its saturation concentration in a given solution and temperature. Solubility is expressed in gr / L.

Peptide solubility assay service

sb-PEPTIDE offers to determine peptide solubility in pre-defined customized conditions. Various assays described below are available.


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Turbidimetric Solubility Assay

sb-PEPTIDE uses standardized methods of turbidimetric solubility assays. Each test is performed three times to ensure the most reliable results. The peptide is solubilized at several different concentrations. Turbidity appaears when the solution is saturated. This cloudiness is measured with a UV-visible detector and a curve A=f(C) will be drawn. The inflection point corresponds to the maximum soluble concentration, i.e. the solubility

Turbidimetric solubility assay



Thermodynamic Solubility Assays

sb-PEPTIDE can also provide with results on equilibrium solubility.

Unlike Turbidimetric Solubility Assays, incubation times are longer (24-72h), so it can be more accurate for applications such as pre-formulation or toxicity studies.

Solvent conditions optimization

sb-PEPTIDE offers to screen different types of conditions (DMSO, water, acetonitrile, PBS, ..) to help you determine the best solubility of your peptide.

The result will be given as a report containing the solubilities of your peptide in each solvent as in the following example :


Peptide solubility assay service

Best peptide solvent solubility testing


Improving peptide solubility

sb-PEPTIDE can help clients in improving peptide solubility by re-designing the sequence. Thanks to its individual peptide synthesis service or library peptide synthesis service, sb-PEPTIDE can rapidly synthesize designed sequences for client’s assay validation. . Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.