Exlusive peptide synthesis benefits

SB-PEPTIDE custom peptide synthesis services include exclusive benefits:

Free peptide solubility test

The solubility of every peptides is tested in standard conditions (water and/or basic and/or acid solution and/or acetonitrile) between 1 and 10mg/mL depending on possibilities. Recommendations are then given in the certificate of analysis. Other solubilisation conditions can be tested in option (DMSO, methanol, TEA, specific concentration…). For more accurate solubility assays, SB-PEPTIDE offers a dedicated service, please visit our peptide solubility analytical service. Discover our peptide solubility guidelines.

Free QC retest

Stability of custom peptides can not be determined excepted if a specific stability study is performed. That’s why, SB-PEPTIDE offers a free additional quality control for each ordered peptide. This is useful in case of a peptide has been stored for a long time or in case of unexpected results. The client can ship back a sample for a free quality control.

Exclusive benefits - QCretest

Free aliquoting

Custom synthetic peptides can be aliquoted for free upon request such as 10x1mg or other. 10 free aliquotes are included with every peptides (1.5€ per additional tube). SB-PEPTIDE strongly recommend to ask for pre-aliquoting because aliquoting once delivered can affect the peptide quality. Having peptides pre-aliquoted in quantities adapted to each assay allows to ensure that every tubes have similar and highest possible quality.

Confidentiality and documents

SB-PEPTIDE offers a dedicated Cloud folder for document’s exchanges. This Cloud allows both parties to upload and download documents (Strucures, CoA, quotes…). Quotes or other documents can be protected by passwords as well.

Confidentiality agreement and Material transfer agreements are available upon request. Client’s template can also be submitted.

For further information on exclusive benefits with the custom synthesis service, please contact us.