Custom peptide synthesis

Peptides 100% made in France

SB-PEPTIDE is located in the Grenoble area, nestled in the French Alps region, near the city of Lyon and Geneva, Switzerland. Peptides sold by SB-PEPTIDE are produced and controlled in-house, in our state-of-the-art laboratory which includes several multi-peptide synthesizers, HPLCs, LC-MS, ESI-TOF MS and lyophilizers. Our highly-qualified scientific staff is specialized in peptide synthesis and engineering, combining both chemistry and bioanalytical techniques. Our facility allows our experts to undertake peptide production and analysis as well as to rise to any challenge with speed and efficiency.

Peptides undergo strict quality controls verified by experienced peptide chemistry experts. The commercial staff is mainly composed of technical sales engineers with biological science background enabling them to understand clients’ needs and ensure a real customer support service. Our expertise together with our high standards guarantee the outstanding quality of our products.

Custom peptide synthesis services

SB-PEPTIDE offers custom peptide synthesis services. The company can produce peptides from 2 to +120 amino acids. Peptides are 100% produced in-house.

Catalog of peptides

SB-PEPTIDE is offering a wide range of off-the-shelf peptides including antigens, toxins, AMP, CPP … All catalog peptides are made in-house and strictly controlled. Bulk are available upon request.  

SB-PEPTIDE custom peptide synthesis