Peptide synthesis method development

Develop and optimize peptide synthesis methods

SB-PEPTIDE offers to develop synthesis methods for difficult peptides or large-scale peptide productions. There are many possible parameters to play with and try improve peptide synthesis method such as number of couplings, use of pseudoproline, heating…  SB-PEPTIDE’s peptide synthesis method development service consists in testing different synthesis conditions, identifying best ones and confirm results on a pilot scale.

Additionally, SB-PEPTIDE has developed in-silico predictive tools to assess the feasibility of a synthesis and adapt the process. Depending on several parameters such as the identification of difficult sequence portions, hydrophobicity, composition in amino acids, the predictive tool allows to anticipate possible difficulties inherent in peptide synthesis and therefore find best conditions.

Objectives are to find conditions with lowest raw material consumption, highest yield and easily purifiable impurities for making easier purification step.

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