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Peptide detection in a mixture

sb-PEPTIDE offers to, isolate, detect and characterize the presence of a target peptide or protein in a complex mixture. sb-PEPTIDE company is a spin-off of the company Smartox, specialized in animal venom research. The company has gained an extensive expertise in detecting peptides and proteins in complex mixtures. sb-PEPTIDE has already worked on various source of material such as bacteria material, vegetal extracts, …

By using a different purification methods e.g. RP-HPLC, SEC, IEX-HPLC combined to MS/Edman/NMR technics,  sb-PEPTIDE can simply detect the presence of a compound of interest, up to de-novo characterize a specific compound.

Peptide detection in a complex mixture

sb-PEPTIDE can simply detect a defined peptide or de-novo characterize a specific peptide.

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