Making ordering process fast and easy!

SB-PEPTIDE’s products and services can be purchased worldwide. SB-PEPTIDE is ensuring a fast and easy ordering process. The company is already registered as supplier in many companies, public organizations, outsourcing companies, distributors and marketplaces. SB-PEPTIDE is familiar with various ERP systems (Ariba, SY by Cegedim…). In case SB-PEPTIDE needs to be registered, we make sure to provide all necessary documents the same day (W8, …). Get in touch to find the most appropriate solution.

Company address

Smart Bioscience SAS (legal name)
SB-PEPTIDE® (tradename)
3b Rue de l’Isère
38120 Saint Egrève


Phone: +33(0)4 76 45 21 20
FAX: +33(0)4 58 00 54 65

Administrative information

VAT : FR 41818432304
SIRET : 81843230400025
APE : 7219Z
818 432 304 R.C.S Vienne
Capital: 50 000 €

How to order?

– Direct order :

Customers interested in ordering our products or services are invited to submit their quote request via our online form or by email to Visit our custom peptide synthesis webpage for further information. A sales representative will contact you to manage your account in a short time of frame.

– Marketplaces :

SB-PEPTIDE services are accessible on marketplaces and SB-PEPTIDE ScienceExchange:

ScienceExchange_SB-PEPTIDE_custom Scientist.com_SB-PEPTIDE_custom

– International distributors :

SB-PEPTIDE services are accessible through international distributors.
USA : Mayflower Bioscience

USA peptide synthesis

Brazil : Veritasbio
Veritasbio »> Brazil peptide synthesis

UK : 2BScientific

United kingdom peptide synthesis

Japan : Funakoshi

Japan peptide synthesis

Singapore: ProBioscience Technologies Pte Ltd

India : Biotech Desk

South Korea:

Who can order?

SB-PEPTIDE’s products are intended for laboratory use only, not for human administration. They can be delivered worldwide to public and private research laboratories.

Billing & payment

SB-PEPTIDE accepts by bank transfer, credit card (MasterCard, Visa) or check. We accept EUROS (€) and US Dollars ($). Payments should be made in the same currency as in quote and invoice. For first order, a pre-payment may be requested.

Delivery options

Standard delivery: 3-4 weeks

The medium lead time for classical peptide synthesis (5 to 25 aa with no modification) is 3-4 weeks from the purchase order date. Due to the complexity of the peptide chemistry science, delays can be experienced despite our expertise and efforts to avoid issues. In case of delay, peptides are managed by our crisis department in order to solve issues as fast as possible.

Express delivery: 10 days or no extra charges!

sb-PEPTIDE offers an express peptide synthesis service for classical peptides (5 to 25 aa with no modification). The objective is to ship the peptide in 10 days maximum from the purchase order date. This special service is subject to an additional fee. If peptides are shipped in more than 10 days, sb-PEPTIDE will not charge the express delivery additional fee but will charge a standard delivery.

General conditions of sales

The following general conditions apply to all sales made by Smart Bioscience, in France or abroad. As a result, any acceptance of a sale, or of an order, shall constitute acceptance of the general conditions of sale contained herein. These conditions of sale shall supersede any other document save for any derogation accepted in writing by Smart Bioscience.
Any offer to sell by Smart Bioscience shall be issued in writing. Offers shall be valid for up to thirty days from the date of issue. Offers shall indicate the estimated delivery time, conditions for delivery and the sale price. The delivery times indicated in Smart Bioscience’s offers are merely suggestive, and hence require confirmation when an order is placed. The Customer, as a business specialising in the field selected, acknowledges that it has chosen under its sole liability, Products suited to its activity.
It is for the Client to approve, with the utmost attention, offers proposed by Smart Bioscience, and to carry out all necessary checks to that effect. Approval by the Customer shall release Smart Bioscience from any liability as to the content of the approved documents. Accepted orders and estimates must be sent in writing to Smart Bioscience, either by post, facsimile or email along with confirmation of receipt. The delivery obligation relates exclusively to the products and quantities referred to in the order or the accepted estimate. Smart Bioscience will only be bound by any request for a change if it has expressly agreed to the same in writing. Smart Bioscience reserves the right to make any change to the product which becomes necessary due to technical and scientific constraints, provided that the main characteristics of the Products remain unchanged. This shall not result in any liability for Smart Bioscience.
Orders for non-Existing Products (specific ‘made-to-order’ developments) shall only bind Smart Bioscience after it has given express written confirmation. The supply of these Products shall be dependent upon their manufacture feasibility. Smart Bioscience expressly reserves the right to refuse to supply a non-Existing Product, particularly where manufacture proves to be impossible.
Prices communicated by Smart Bioscience are exclusive of taxes, customs duties, transport costs and insurance, but are inclusive of packaging costs. All prices are given in Euros or in $ USD. Payment of the price shall be effected when ordering or within a period of 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice when ordering by using an official purchase order. Any delay in payment shall give rise to a right to claim liquidated damages amounting to three times the legal rate of interest. Such liquidated damages shall be due from the date payment fell due until the effective date of payment. In addition, Smart Bioscience reserves the right to immediately suspend orders being processed and/or to claim immediate payment of any invoices issued.
Time periods provided for delivery shall begin to run from the moment of receipt by Smart Bioscience of the estimate accepted by the Client or the acceptance of the order by Smart Bioscience whichever is the case. Said time periods are indicative only, and Smart Bioscience shall not have any liability in respect thereof. Smart Bioscience reserves the right to carry out partial deliveries or grouped deliveries. Upon the Customer’s request, Smart Bioscience may carry out urgent deliveries, subject to a charge for additional cost which shall apply automatically. It is agreed that Incoterm 2010 DAP Delivery At Place shall be applied to the present General Conditions of Sale Smart Bioscience. Eventual taxes and customs duties are at the expense of the customer. Smart Bioscience shall be released from any liability in the event of non-performance of its delivery obligation due to force majeure or fortuitous circumstances.
Receipt of Products shall be acknowledged in writing signed by the Customer, who must also carry out all checks and reserves upon receiving Products.
In the event of loss or partial damage, it is the Customer’s responsibility to exercise all rights of recourse against the carrier in the three days following receipt (as per Article L.133-3 of the French Commercial Code).
Reserves must, in addition, be notified to Smart Bioscience within the same period of time by means of a letter sent via recorded delivery.
In the event of non-compliance of Products, it is the Client’s responsibility to file a claim within fourteen days of the date of receipt.
Should no claim be filed, acceptance of Products shall be considered as definitive. No product may be returned to Smart Bioscience without its prior written agreement. Only Products in their original condition and not altered, transformed or mixed may be returned. Transportation costs and risks remain with the Customer. In the event of non-compliance noted by Smart Bioscience after return, Smart Bioscience may either exchange the Product, or give a refund of the purchase price, without being bound by any other obligation or liability for compensation.
As a substantial and essential condition of the contract of sale, transfer of property is subject to full payment of the price, notwithstanding any delivery of Products. Where the Client fails to comply with any one of the payment methods agreed with Smart Bioscience, then the latter may require return of the Products at the Customer’s expense, as well as the termination of the contract without prejudice to its rights to claim damages. The Customer shall be obliged to do whatever is necessary to ensure the Product is not mistakenly identified as its own, and so that it may not be subject of any seizure. During periods in which property is retained by Smart Bioscience, the Customer must make every possible effort to look after and preserve Products, and take out all necessary insurance policies to cover damage and risks in relation to their possession. Furthermore, it shall be expressly forbidden
to make any changes to the Products.
The Customer agrees to use the Products sold by Smart Bioscience solely for research purposes. The Client, in its capacity as a business specialising in this field, acknowledges that it is fully aware of the risks attaching to the Products and their use, and affirms it has the necessary skills and means of preventing and dealing with such risks, and waives any right to make claims against Smart Bioscience.
Smart Bioscience warrants that the Products sold conform to the specific technical descriptions defined contractually, namely by offers of sale, orders, Smart Bioscience Product descriptions and written technical specifications provided by the Customer.
Smart Bioscience expressly excludes its liability in relation to:
The properties of the Products, particularly their toxic or dangerous nature;
The performance of Products or other specifications not contractually provided for;
Their suitability for the Customer’s expectations, or the use to which it wishes to put the Product. In addition, Smart Bioscience is exempt from liability for any consequences arising from the storage, use, handling, transformation and incorporation of Products by the Customer.
The Customer shall carry out necessary checks in order to verify that the use to which the Product is put does not infringe intellectual property rights of a third party. In this regard, Smart Bioscience is excluded from any responsibility.
The Customer agrees to consider as confidential all information, whatever its nature, including all documents provided by Smart Bioscience and of which it may have knowledge by virtue of its contractual relations. The Customer is therefore forbidden to share the aforementioned information with anyone, in any form whatsoever, and shall also ensure compliance with this confidentiality obligation by members of its personnel as well as any representative. This clause does not apply to technical documents which accompany the products (safety information, analysis sheets).
French law only shall be applicable to sales made by Smart Bioscience.
The courts within the Grenoble Court of Appeal jurisdictional area, France, shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to all disputes relating to the validity, interpretation and performance of the contract, including in the event of third party proceedings and multiple defendants.