European Peptide Society (EPS) 26th Polish Peptide Symposium (PPS)

SB-PEPTIDE is pleased to exhibit during the 26th PPS organised by the EPS in Stare Jabłonki, Poland, from September 3rd to 7th 2023.

26th Polish Peptide Symposium-SB-PEPTIDE participation

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Marine Hoscar

Marine Hoscar

Business developer & Scientific Data Analyst

"Recently graduated in chemical engineering with a specialization in biochemistry, I decided to temporarily leave the laboratory to help SB-PEPTIDE broaden its market internationally. I am thrilled to be the main point of contact for all kinds of peptide requests (custom synthesis, peptide catalog, analytical services) and I hope to meet scientific experts through various congresses I will attend. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or at for more information."

About 26th Polish Peptide Symposium

Polish Peptide Symposia are held under the auspices of the European Peptide Society , thus many foreign guests are visiting this symposium.

The Polish Peptide Symposia  have been organized every two years for over 50 years by various Polish academic groups and are a platform integrating the Polish Peptide Community . The Last meeting took place in 2019 this 26th edition constitutes an excellent opportunity to meet, exchange opinions and share new ideas for specialists from scientific institutions, including representatives of all significant academic centers and the chemical and related industries, as well as students.

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