Antimicrobial peptides – AMP

Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) are produced by most of organisms and are involved in immune defense systems. sb-PEPTIDE offers various Antimicrobial peptides for research.

Name Description Catalog # More details
Apidaecin-IB Antimicrobial peptide SB024 Click here
Abaecin Antimicrobial peptide SB025 Click here
LL-37 Antimicrobial peptide SB004 Click here
LL-37 scramble Scramble of LL-37 SB010 Click here
Cecropin A Antimicrobial peptide SB009 Click here
Magainin-1 Antimicrobial peptide SB007 Click here
Mastoparan Antimicrobial peptide SB008 Click here
Hepcidin-25 Antimicrobial peptide SB001 Click here
hBD-2 / Human beta defensin 2 Antimicrobial peptide SB002 Click here
mBD3 / Mouse beta defensin 3 Antimicrobial peptide SB003 Click here
T22 peptide Potent CXCR4 antagonist SB012 Click here