OVA 257 264 peptide (SIINFEKL) conjugated to KLH


Ovalbumin protein


Ovalbumin (Uniprot P01012) is the major component of egg white. It has been demonstrated that Ovalbumin contains B-cell epitopes which are recognized by specific IgE antibodies and CD4 T cell epitopes restricted by the MHC I-Ad molecule in mice and by HLA-D molecule in human such as OVA(257-264).


Applications of OVA 257-264


OVA 257-264 is used to stimulate T cells in PBMCs and to quantify peptide epitope specificity and IFN-γ releasing effector cells by ELISPOT assay. OVA 257-264 is also used to test new adjuvant in immunotherapeutic vaccine development. OVA 257-264 can form a stable hydrogel and stimulate a immune response. This reaction seems to be linked with OVA 257-264 property to self-assemble into a hydrogel.


OVA 257-264 KLH conjugate


Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) is a carrier protein which enhances immune response against haptens conjugated to it. SB-PEPTIDE has a long experience in haptens / carrier proteins conjugations and offers here OVA257-264 conjugated to KLH to elicit specific antibodies anti-SIINFEKL.

 SB-PEPTIDE offers several versions of OVA257-264 including a scrambled version, a biotionylated version and a BSA-conjuagted version.


Technical specification


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Conjugation: KLH (crosslinker BMPS)

OVA 257 264 peptide synthesis MWpeptide : 962.12 Da (C45H73N10O13)
OVA 257 264 peptide price Peptide Purity : > 95%
Peptide Library synthesis service Counter-Ion : TFA Salts (see option TFA removal)
Peptide library synthesis OVA 257 264 peptide Delivery format : Freeze dried in propylene 2mL microtubes
buy synthesized peptides Peptide’s other names : 1p1z, 1p4l, HY-P1489, CAS: 138831-86-4
peptide solubility guidelines Peptide Solubility Guideline
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Bulk peptide quantities available – Carrier conjugation upon request

Made in France – For research use only




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SB302-5MG 5 x 1 mg conjugated  440  550