NYLAWYQQKPGK* – SIL Adalimumab signature peptide quantifier


NYLAWYQQKPGK Stable Isotope Labeled Adalimumab (ADA) peptide is an internal standard to confirm ADA’s primary sequence by mass spectrometry. This allows expected sequences to be confirmed and terminal amino acid homogeneity to be assessed.

SB-PEPTIDE’s Adalimumab SIL signature peptide is designed and optimized to provide the best mass spectrometry performance during your Mass Spec assay.

For additional Adalimumab MS detection, visit our SIL APYTFGQGTK peptide webpage here.

Technical specification

APYTFGQGTK - SIL buy Sequence : NYLAWYQQKPG-K*-  [K*= K(13C/15N)]
APYTFGQGTK - SIL synthesis MW : 1 503.62 Da (C71H102N18O18)
APYTFGQGTK - SIL standard price Purity : > 95%
APYTFGQGTK - SIL peptide standard synthesis Counter-Ion : TFA Salts (see option TFA removal)
Peptide library synthesis abeta peptide Delivery format : Freeze dried in propylene 2mL microtubes
buy synthesized peptide standard Other name : SIL ADA signature peptide quantifier
APYTFGQGTK - SIL standard solubility guidelines Peptide Solubility Guideline
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SB287-0.1MG 0.1 mg 385 481