Custom peptide synthesis service

From 2 to > 120 aa

SB-PEPTIDE has the expertise to synthesize peptides from 2 to 120 amino acids in effective quantity and quality.

We know that the more longer a peptide is, the more difficult it is to synthesize, this is generally correct even if some long sequences are sometime easy to synthesize.  But very short sequence below 4 amino acids are also difficult and require specific procedure to be synthesized. Standard sequences can also be difficult to synthesize depending on various parameters, such as angles between amino acids and many more…

Predictive softwares exist and allow to adapt the synthesis strategy before starting the project, even if their data are to be considered as indicative and problems can occurs as well as good surprise.

Contrary to what is generally feared, hydrophobic peptides are not (always) more difficult to synthesize than other sequences but are generally difficult to purify and may require specific purification procedures as well as very hydrophilic peptides. Smart Bioscience has a solid expertise and adapted procedures to produce hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides.

Smart Bioscience Peptide synthesis services

Up to > 99% purity rate

Peptides are chemically synthesized, amino acids are added one after one from the C-terminus to the N-terminus. Coupling of amino acids does not give a yield of 100% so the final peptide will be obtained with truncated versions, representing a part of impurities. Another possible impurities are partially-deprotected amino acids, meaning that side chains of certain amino acids can be still protected by chemicals.
Basically, the more a sequence is long, the more the final peptide will contain impurities as well as various other parameters.
Routinely, a normal 10 amino acid peptide gives a purity of 70% at the synthesis. Then, to obtain a greater purity rate, purification procedures will be required. The more the expected purity is high, the more the synthesis scale will have to be important, which explains the differences between prices.
The purity rate is routinely determined by analytical HPLC using 2.5µm resolution column or similar technology which gives a very accurate information on the quality of the peptide

SB-PEPTIDE offers various purity rates:

  • Desalted: not purified peptides but synthesis reagents are removed. Purity and mass are controlled
  • >80%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 80%
  • >90%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 90%
  • >95%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 95%
  • Ultra-pure peptides: SB-PEPTIDE can supply peptides with a purity rate >99% determined on an ultra high resolutive 2.6µ. This approach ensures a ultra high accurate peptide purity.

To define which peptide purity you need, please visit the section how to choose the peptide purity grade


From mg to g quantities

SB-PEPTIDE offers laboratory research peptide synthesis scale, from milligram up to gram.
Quantification of delivered peptides are given as NPC >90% rather than gross weight generally offered.

During the peptide synthesis process, peptides are in contact with TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) which form salts and can rapidly take an important part of the final gross weight. Atmospheric water also increase the gross weitgh of the peptide. Our quantification method gives us a good approximation of the peptide material quantity rather than a gross weight.

NPC (net peptide content) >90% means that the given mass contains more than 90% peptide material.

We do not sale salts, we sale peptide!


Solubility test included

SB-PEPTIDE evaluates the solubility of delivered peptides and describe the recommended condition in each certificated of analysis. This is included in the price. We are kindly asking our clients to let us know if there are any buffers incompatible with their final experiments when ordering in order we can test appropriate conditions.

Peptide solubility Smart Bioscience